From the Trump War Room – view Biden’s Quid Pro Joe $1B  Ukraine video and all the Trump accomplishments:


Democrats Star witness testimony – NOT !

Congressman @RepRatcliffe asks both impeachment witnesses “where is the impeachable offense in that call?”

Silence. No answer.

“Shout it out. Anyone?” probed Ratcliffe during the moment of silence.

Moments earlier, Rep. Ratcliffe affirmed that President Zelensky “stood in front of the world press and repeatedly, consistently, over and over again, in interview after interview, said he had no knowledge of military aid being withheld.”

“Meaning no quid pro quo, no pressure, no demands, no threats, no blackmail,” added Ratcliffe. “Ambassador Taylor, do you have any evidence to assert that President Zelensky was lying to the world press when he said those things? Yes or no?”

“Mr. Ratcliffe,” said Taylor. “If I can respond…”

“My time is short,” reacted Ratcliffe. “Yes or no?”

“I have no reason to doubt what the president said,” said Taylor.

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