Feb 13 Meeting

Join us at 7 PM on Thursday 2/13 when our featured speaker will be noted Clemson Professor Joseph Stewart who will discuss “Electoral College – why it matters”.

Professor Stewart has taught many courses including:

Law, Courts, & Politics
American Public Policy
American National Government
Minority Group Politics

His research interest spans civil rights policies, racial and ethnic politics, public policy, educational policy, and public law. Locally, Professor Stewart has appeared on Doc Ayers and Tom Hardigree’s radio or TV shows and been a judge for the American Legion Oratorical Contests.

Meeting Location:

Hart County Public Library Adult Learning Center Lower Level

Not familiar with the Electoral College? This article provide a historical view why the Founders implemented the system to ensure all states,  including small, have a voice in a Presidential election.


We want to thank Professor Stewart for a very information presentation.


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