Feb 5 – Senate Votes to Acquit !!! 

Democrats only convinced 1 of 250 House and Senate Republicans to vote Guilty.

From the Trump War Room – view Biden’s Quid Pro Joe $1B  Ukraine video and all the Trump accomplishments:

Looking back to December –  Democrats ignore the evidence as shown below:

This is a recap off the House Investigation and the Democrats Star witness testimony – NOT !

Congressman @RepRatcliffe asks both impeachment witnesses “where is the impeachable offense in that call?”

Silence. No answer.

“Shout it out. Anyone?” probed Ratcliffe during the moment of silence.

Moments earlier, Rep. Ratcliffe affirmed that President Zelensky “stood in front of the world press and repeatedly, consistently, over and over again, in interview after interview, said he had no knowledge of military aid being withheld.”

“Meaning no quid pro quo, no pressure, no demands, no threats, no blackmail,” added Ratcliffe. “Ambassador Taylor, do you have any evidence to assert that President Zelensky was lying to the world press when he said those things? Yes or no?”

“Mr. Ratcliffe,” said Taylor. “If I can respond…”

“My time is short,” reacted Ratcliffe. “Yes or no?”

“I have no reason to doubt what the president said,” said Taylor.

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Jan 2020

Impeachment Day 6 – The President’s Defense Begins

White House Counsel Pat Cipollone Begins Opening Arguments

The president’s defense team begins opening arguments. White House Counsel Pat Cipollone concludes his opening remarks saying, “…we will show you a lot of evidence that they should have showed you and we will finish efficiently and quickly so that we can go have an election.”



Democrats tried to bring Russia into the Trial

President’s Personal Attorney Jay Sekulow on Mueller Report

President Trump’s personal attorney Jay Sekulow begins his opening argument on the details surrounding the Mueller Report. He says several members of the House impeachment managers are trying to litigate the Mueller case in their arguments during the impeachment trial. Mr. Sekulow says, “First of all, let me be clear, disagreeing with the president’s decision on foreign policy matters, or whose advice he’s going to take, is in no way an impeachable offense.”


June 11 2020 Message from Rep Doug Collins about TWITTER BIAS:

Last month, Twitter demonstrated that it would continue targeting and flagging tweets by the President of the United States despite the social media platform’s obligation to uphold the Free Speech rights of all its users. Now, the platform has unveiled it’s ‘Civic Integrity Policy’ which it is using as a tool to take politically charged actions towards the President.

Our country was founded upon the free exchange of ideas and the ability of all Americans to speak freely, a principle that has allowed social media outlets like Twitter to thrive. With its new policy, Twitter is showing that it thinks it knows better than the American public and takes away their opportunity to assess the merits of the President’s views on their own. Instead, Twitter has decided to editorialize President Trump’s tweets by adding its own comments and assessments. The company has erroneously substituted their own judgment for the marketplace of ideas in a clear effort to censor conservative voices.

Left-wing bias at Twitter has reared its ugly head time and time again. For example, Twitter’s Head of Site Integrity – the employee responsible for the fact-checking policy – referred to the Trump Administration as ‘actual Nazis’ and said middle America is racist for exercising their right to vote for President Trump. On top of those unfortunate comments, another Twitter staffer deactivated the account of the President in 2017 with no legitimate reason.

I firmly believe Twitter has an obligation to protect the speech of all Americans – including with those who hold views they disagree with – which is why I introduced a resolution last week to condemn Twitter for their partisan censorship of President Trump and demand Twitter end its discriminatory practices immediately. Their illegal and unethical censorship of conservative voices has gone on for far too long, and it is past time they recognize the fact that they are not the sole arbiter of the truth.

As Congress works to foster hope and opportunity for all Americans, I remain committed to working with President Trump and his administration to protect every American’s constitutional right to free speech. To stay up to date on what’s happening in Washington and across northeast Georgia, please consider subscribing to my weekly e-newsletter here or by following me on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram. To unsubscribe, click here.


Rep Collins gave one of greatest speeches ever heard in Congress in Jan 2020 regarding the Democrats Impeachment process – “Clock and Calendars”:


You can watch the speech at the NBC website



On Jan 19, 2020, Rep Doug Collins appeared on the FOX show “Life, Liberty & Levine”.

A replay of the full interview is below:

Rep. Doug Collins: This has been a political impeachment   from day one

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