June 9 Ballot Initiatives

The following are simplfiied versions of the GOP Ballot Initiatives.

10. Should the Hart County Tax Code be amended to reduce or eliminate the burden of heavy school taxes upon Senior property owners?

1. Should Georgia lawmakers expand educational options by allowing a student’s state education dollars to follow to the school that best fits their needs, whether it is public, private, magnet, charter, or homeschool?

2. Should voting in the Republican Primary be limited to voters who have registered as Republicans?

3.Should candidates for Board of Education be required to declare their political party?

4.Do you agree the Georgia Legislature and Governor should publish to the citizens of Georgia the yearly illegal immigration costs to taxpayers which are estimated to be millions of dollars?

5.Do you agree that Georgia should revise legislation as necessary to prevent issuing of driver licenses to illegal immigrants?

6.Do you agree that Georgia should revise the actual driver’s license to clearly indicate “citizen” versus “non-citizen” or “driver not eligible to vote” in GA?

7.Do you agree that companies doing business in Georgia that hire or outsource jobs to H1B VISA immigrant workers instead of US or Georgia Citizens should be fined or taxed severely and the funds allocated to Georgia education institutions such as the HART College and Career Academy?

8.Do you agree that any organization must obtain permission and a substantial fee-based permit from the County before any refugee resettlement’s are allowed in HART county?

9.Do you agree that the Governor must obtain approval from the majority of ALL Counties before any immigrant refugee settlements are allowed in Georgia?

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