March 11 Meeting

Hart County Republican Meeting
Location: Hart County Adult Education Center (Lower Level)
                110 Benson St, Hartwell, GA 30643
                                March 11 Topics
 * Election Integrity and Legislative Bills *
 * Overview of upcoming Precinct/County/District and State Conventions *


Time: 7PM

Meeting Recap:

Andrew Clyde is doing an outstanding job and representing  District 9 well as a first term Representative. Subscribe to his newsletter at

Biden’s first 60 days is a disaster – skyrocketing gas prices, massive illegal immigration with COVID infections, fake Trump Impeachment, etc

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Pending GA Election Integrity Legislation as of 03/14/2021

GA House Bill 531 Election Integrity

– additional ID requirements for absentee ballots

– limits use of absentee ballot boxes

– bans private funding of elections operations

– restricts private venues as polling places

– reduces early and weekend voting

– reduces time between general election and runoffs

– legislatures pick Chairman of the State Election Board (currently
held by Secretary of State)

– eliminates “Jungle Primaries”

– special security paper for ballots

– recommends more notice on election equipment testing and more poll
worker training


GA Senate Omnibus Bill 241

– limits who can cast absentee ballots – ends no excuse absentee voting

– eliminate automatic DMV voter registration

– grants state government authority to remove underperforming election

– eliminates mobile voting units except for emergencies

– ballots printed on special security paper and include the Precinct

– grants poll watchers more freedom and access to tabulation centers

– county registrars must update voting rolls and remove dead voters

– third party organizations can be fined for sending unsolicited
absentee ballot requests to unregistered voters


The final result will likely be determined by a joint conference f the
House and Senate.

GA GOP Speaker Ralston and Lt Gov Geoff Ralston are not supportive of
some of the reforms. Gov Kemp ??? 

GA Chamber of Commerce has come out against the bills!

HB228 which revises GA Drivers Licenses to indicate citizen or non citizen
has not passed. Likely due to the RINO and Chamber of Commerce lobby
for illegal immigrant/slave labor.

No bills were introduced to enable Independent cyber security audits of the voting machines or tabulations centers.


US House of Representatives Bill – HR 1 For The People Act

– requires any Constitutional Challenge to be filed in the US District
Court of Columbia

– requires Presidential candidates to disclose their taxes

– requires each SOS to create a system to automatically OPT IN
individuals, not CITIZENS, from multiple data sources and enable Internet registrations

– creates Federal vote by mail standards and
mandates No Excuse Absentee ballots

– bans signature verification and enables vote Harvesting

– requires same day registration for voting and
casting of votes in any Precinct

– requires a minimum of 15 days of early voting

– inhibits purging of state voter rolls and
enables felons to vote

– eliminates legislatures ability to draw voting districts

– requires super PACs to disclose donor funding

– create Federal government matching of campaign cash

– require Twitter and Facebook and large websites must disclose
political AD revenue

– creates Ethics code for Supreme Court justices

– mandates prepaid postage for absentee ballots

– requires “durable, voter verified” ballots

– support for DC statehood (always votes 90% Democrat)

– allows states to register 16 year olds to vote

– makes it a crime to intentionally mislead voters and prevent them
from voting


HR1 – Internet Voter Registration

require each state to provide an online voter registration
application that may be completed, submitted, and received by
election officials electronically;

allow registered voters to update their voter registration
information online; and

permit voters without DMV records to register online using electronic copies
of handwritten signatures, secure online signatures, or by providing
a signature upon actually requesting a ballot.

The conservative Heritage Foundation has called many of the bill’s
provisions unconstitutional.

Will require 60 vote to pass the Senate – UNLESS the Filibuster is
eliminated by the DEMS.

NYU Brennan Center – Left Wing Detailed Analysis of HR1


Foundation Report – Conservative Report

H.R. 1 would federalize and micromanage the election process, imposing
unnecessary, unwise, and unconstitutional mandates on the states

It would reverse the decentralization of the American election
process—an essential protection of our liberty and freedom.


Contact if you need assistance expressing your views to the Governor, LT Governor, House or Senate leaders or corporations against election reform.