TRUMP 2020

President Trump has accomplished more in less than 4 years than Biden/Harris/Pelosi/Schumer have in their 150 years of government. Think about that !!!

Here’s the list of Accomplishments – none of which the corrupt nation media will publish:

COVID19/Chines Virus Impacts

– implemented early travel restrictions from China which were opposed by Biden, Democrats and the media

– implemented Operation Warp Speed which is bringing vaccines to market in record time

– developed the most advanced testing system on earth at 25% of the World’s testing to date

– created the American Care Act – $2 Trillion which sends direct cash payments to 80 million workers

– over 5 million small business loans which saved 50 million American jobs

– signed payroll tax holiday thru the end of 2020 – more money in workers pockets

– freeze on evictions, suspended payments on student loans and extended zero percent interest

– replenished the nations supply of N95 mask and ventilators


– VA Choice legislation and VA Accountability Act

– expanded benefits such as walkin clinics, tel-health, blindness, student load debt for disabled vets

– defeated the ISIS Caliphate in one year – Obama Biden said Trump would be a disaster


– Lowest Black and Hispanic unemployment rate in the history of the United States

– Created Opportunity Zones and $100 Billion in investment has poured in

– Secured record and continuing funding for Historically Black Colleges – OBAMA FAILED


– repealed the mandatory IRS paycheck ObamaCare TAX PENALTY on ordinary workers

– eliminated Healthcare Tax, medical devices tax, and Cadillac/high benefit tax

– new plan types through Associations and other options

– passed Right-To-Try act to allow critical patients access to drugs not yet approved

– Prescription drug price reductions up to 60%

– stopped hospitals from overcharging


– signed Executive Action to prevent hospitals from overcharging

– Advantage Premiums decreased by 30% in some areas

– protected benefit reductions due to illegal immigrants

– $1.4 Trillion dollars moved back to US for business creation due to tax reform

Tax Cuts and reforms

– bottom half share of US Wealth now exceeds the top 1% held by the wealthy

– raised Child Tax Credit to $2200 per year Average

– Small businesses can now deduct 20% of their income

– new IRS tax brackets provided tax reductions for the lower and middle class

Rural Broadband

– $350 Billion approved to expand Internet service to rural areas to 350 Million homes

American Family Aid

– largest ever increase in funding for 800,000 families for Low Income child care

– $100 milion investment to fight the opiod drug crisis in rural America

– Justice Department issued $35M in aid to victims during COVID crisis

– drug overdose deaths fell for the first time in 2018

American Jobs First Policy

– reversed Tennessee Valley Authority(TVA) Outsourcing via H1B Visas sending hundreds of American workers jobs to Indian companies

– implemented Tariffs on China to save American jobs and make American companies competitive

– lowest Black and Hispanic unemployment rate in History

-cancelled the TPP Trade Agreement pushed by Obama Biden to push even more jobs overseas

Build the Wall

– completed over 275 miles despite extreme resistance from DEMs Nancy Pelosi and the DSA

-ended illegal immigrant “Catch and Release” policy

-seized a record amount of border crossing drugs and deported a record amount of criminals and gangs

-reduced Illegal Border crossings by 78% since May 2019 despite opposition from DEMs and Nancy Pelosi

Human Trafficking

– DOJ closed the leading internet sex trafficking site

-intercepted 1000’s of victims at the border-

Judical System

– confirmed two Conservative Supreme Court Judges despite Obscene resistance and false accusations from DEM Sen Kamala Harris and the DSA

– confirmed 53 Circuit Court Judges and all Appeals Court judges for the first time in 40 years

Stop the War on American Energy

– US is now the Number 1 producer of oil and gas Worldwide !

– reduced consumer gas prices via reduced regulations and energy policies

– opened Keystone and Dakota Pipelines

– withdrew from the Paris Climate Accord which cost the US Billions and saves no Emissions

– canceled the Clean Power Tax opposed by most electric energy companies which saves some families an estimated $2000 per years

Foreign Policy


-moved the US embassy to Jerusalem which no prior president would tackle


-negotiated historic Israel and United Arab Emirates (UAE) recognition of Israel – first since 1994


-negotiated the USMCA Trade Deal to protect American jobs and replace the unfair 1994 Clinton NAFTA trade deal which decimated American Manufacturing and jobs


Exposed the Obama Biden Ukraine and China Corruptions

– Joe Biden in charge of Ukraine relations – son Hunter Biden got $50,000 per week

– Joe Biden in charge of China relations – son Hunter Biden’s investment firm got $1 Billion

Exposed Obama Appointed Lawless FBI and DOJ Swamp

– removed the top layer of corruption which falsely accused Trump campaign of Russian collusion

– received the first Guilty Plea from the FBI lawyer who falsified FBI interviews in order to obtain FISA warrant documents which enabled the Mueller investigation. More to come soon from the Durham DOJ investigation…

Exposed the Obama Biden Ukraine and China Corruptions

– At the DNC Virtual Convention on 8/19 Hillary Clinton said Joe is a family man who “takes care of his family” – this is the absolute truth !

– Obama put Joe Biden in charge of Ukraine relations – son Hunter Biden got $50,000 per week from the UKraine Burisma energy company

– Obama put Joe Biden in charge of China relations – son Hunter Biden’s investment firm got $1 Billion plus the free air fare to China with Joe

Senate hearings continue…